The Foundation Studies Department is the heart of Uganda Christian  University, and is the key to its strategic mission and identity. 


Foundation Studies is a unique entity within the University as we have no students of our own, yet we are the largest department in UCU, reaching every bachelors student of every discipline. 


Our motto, Educating for Life, describes what we do.  By providing specialized courses in Christian faith and life skills, we help UCU fulfill its educational philosophy of "integrating faith and teaching", and we assist our students in building their knowledge and skills on a firm Christian foundation, all of which serves to accomplish UCU's mission.


Foundation Studies aims to prepare every student to meet the challenges of life, helping them integrate their faith with new academic knowledge and skills, and then apply this integrated learning within their own discipline.  The subjects we teach are challenging, and are designed to prepare students for their whole life, not just a professional vocation.  


Our desire is not to produce clever students, but mature professionals who will use their knowledge and training to build up the Kingdom of God on Earth.


Courses Offered

The following course units provide the opportunity for students to evaluate their relationship with God, their beliefs and values, and their faith and their future.

  • Understanding the Old Testament
  • Understanding the New Testament
  • Introduction to the Bible for Law (tailored specifically for first year Law students)
  • Understanding Worldviews
  • Understanding Christian Ethics 

Course units like Basic Computing, Writing and Study Skills, and Elements of Math offer valuable "life skills" which are needed in every field.



University-wide Staff Resources


To find contact information for our Faculty staff, use the public Uganda Christian University directory. The links below provide pathways for staff resources and information. More information can be found on the websites of each faculty or in the Staff & Administration section of the main website.




For ease of access, these have been organized for both view and download according to years.





Computer Science

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BsCS 3

Computational Science




Information Technology

BsIT 1

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BsIT 3

Information Technology (Dip)