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Message from Head of Department
Faculty_studentsWe see the role of faculty and students as an endeavour to explore the possibilities to sustainably develop the universe. This ambition can be pursued through the programmes we offer. UCU is committed to supporting this objective by offering “A Complete Education for a Complete Person”. The modular nature of the programmes requires extra commitment from both lecturers and students, and the need to use ICT for distance learning and keeping in touch. We commit ourselves to playing our part in making the world a better place to live (Lk. 4: 18,19).
About the department
The department started in 2002 with only one Programme (Bachelor of Development Studies) and 45 students. Currently, the department has over 700 students offering both undergraduate and postgraduate courses. UCU began this department due to the need for qualified personnel with Christian values to tackle development issues. The courses offered are both multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary; examining key development issues and problems common to developing areas of the world. The course units are designed to help students gain knowledge and skills to deal with the problems and challenges of their communities and apply them to real life situations in developing countries.
What is unique about the department?
The Development Studies department offers multidisplinary and interdisplinary courses, giving its students a wide range of opportunities in the job market. It is equipped with adequate and highly qualified staff readily available to the students. Apart from its classroom academic work, the department also engages in effective research, community outreach activities, staff development, spiritual growth/development, recruiting and training of staff, Infrastructural development, ICT enhancement and resource mobilization. In upholding the University mission, the department is dedicated to preparing its students for thoughtful, productive lives of Christian faith and service in their respective professions and places.

Our Offerings

Graduates of Development studies have opportunities to work as: Development planners in government and non-government agencies; development managers at the local level organizations such as Faith Based Organizations, Community Based Organizations and Civil Society Organizations.

At regional and global level, they can find work as policy formulators for government and nongovernmental organizations e.g. ministries, private service organizations, professional associations, UN agencies etc. They can also work as religious organizations development workers, programme monitoring and evaluation officers and consultancy work. In addition, they can be university researchers and lecturers.

Community Outreach and Other Activities


The department of Development Studies has encouraged students to reach out to communities through a student led initiative: Mission for Civic Awareness and Health (MICAH).

Students’ Study Trips

The students of Bachelor of Development Studies make at least one study trip to any part of the country or East Africa. So far, they have visited Nairobi, Jinja, Mukono, Buikwe, Gulu, Nebbi,Kasese , Kabale, Bugiri and Kapchorwa on learning trips.


The programme attracts a diversity of students from across Africa: Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, D.R. Congo, South Sudan, Nigeria and Zimbabwe, among others. This gives students an opportunity to get exposure to international experiences.

Accolades won by our exceptional students
Accolades won by our exceptional students
Hamu Mukasa Library, UCU
Hamu Mukasa Library, UCU
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